Coffee of the Day


Two large iced white mochas

Greetings, from sunny Chicago!
Well, technically I am Chicago adjacent right now. I’m in my home town, nuzzled in the northwest suburbs.

Coming home is always a weird feeling. It feels slightly out of sync because it’s not my normal routine anymore, but it also feels as if I’ve never left. Especially sitting around a table with Emma and my parents. Emma and I were cracking up about something that wasn’t even funny (I think I said something about a spork), and it escalated to the point where I was literally choking on my hot dog from laughter.
I think we may have frightened my in-laws with how slap happy we were. We tend to frighten most people. It’s just how we roll.
But anyhoo, I’m really glad to be home. I needed a break from work, and some good old fashioned family time is just the ticket. Right now my mom and I are sipping on our Caribous, and are about to venture off to our happy place–the outdoor mall. I promised the Hubbster I wouldn’t buy anything. We will see how that goes 🙂


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