Coffee of the Day

double tall skim cappuccino

I did something silly (and in my opinion, hilarious) this morning.

Before we went to bed yesterday, I set my alarm for 6:25 to do a pilates video (mostly to stretch out my muscles from my hard core kickboxing session last night. I know, look at me go). I often do this, figuring that if I fall asleep at a reasonable hour, I will have no trouble getting up. If I end up tossing and turning, I just shut the alarm off and live to pilates another day. But last night I turned off Community around 11:20 and quickly fell asleep. Come 6:25, my alarm rang. I sat up in bed, grabbed my phone, turned off the alarm, and laid back down.

I was dead asleep, and have no recollection of this.

I only know that it happened because my alarm woke up the Hubbster, and he just figured I decided to forego the work out. It wouldn’t have been the first time that happened. The poor kid. At least once a week I’ll kid myself into thinking I’ll get up early to exercise and wake him up with my alarm. I’m glad he still loves me despite my unnecessary wake up calls. Thanks, Hubbster.

So even though I was in a dead enough sleep to turn off my alarm without waking up, I was thoroughly exhausted this morning. I wanted something that packed a punch, but I didn’t feel like anything big and sweet. Or I felt like I shouldn’t get something big and sweet because I also got a raspberry scone… potato potahto, any way you slice it, I walked away with a cappuccino. Alex didn’t make it because he was in the back doing paperwork, but he came out to say hi. He’s such a sweetie.

Hi, Alex!


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