Coffee of the Day: The Return of Alex

iced triple grande skim white mocha w/whip and cookie crumble 🙂

Yesterday was annoyingly hectic and busy at work, and today I stepped in gum, but I’m in a great mood. Why, you ask? Because ALEX IS BAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, my former barista is now un-former and very much current!! I literally (as in the literal sense, not the hyperbolic sense) jumped up and down when we walked in there this morning and saw Alex. It. Was. Awe. Some.

And I swear, he put crack in my drink. It is ridiculously good. He said he made it “differently” but I can’t tell what he did. All I know is that I am downing it with a big smile on my face


See? Told you.


4 thoughts on “Coffee of the Day: The Return of Alex

  1. Yay Alex! Is he the one who reads your blog? Did he tell you why he was back? This is great news. For you. I mean, for you and your blog. And hence for me. 🙂


    1. Haha yes it is!! He was going to text me when he found out, but he wanted it to be a surprise instead. It’s very great news for all concerned, especially my taste buds 🙂


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