Coffee of the Day


Large iced white mocha

Ally and I are venturing to the outlet mall (as I type-don’t worry, she’s driving) and it was assumed that we would stop at Caribou for coffee because it is awesome and heavenly and every other adjective ever.


Wish us luck, because 1) we are going to Ikea to order her furniture for her new apartment, and Ikea is always an adventure. She has everything picked out, but you never know. Anything can happen at Ikea, and 2) I still need to find a dress to wear to this wedding next weekend. I ordered a dress from J. Crew Factory online, but it bulges in not nice places. Any girl will tell you that dress shopping for a specific event is always long and stressful.

Like I said–wish us luck!

p.s. the Hubbster and I saw the Avengers last night. Drop everything you are doing and RUN to a theater because it will blow your mind hole and wrinkle your brain. Go. Now.


5 thoughts on “Coffee of the Day

    1. A- apparently I had put in my due diligence in online shopping. 2nd dress I tried on was a gorgeous pink chiffon number on clearance. Bam, I’m obsessed.
      B- I could’ve watched Avengers again right after it finished. Seriously.


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