Coffee of the Day

iced triple grande skim white mocha

I really enjoy going out for coffee in the morning. It brightens my day, and I usually have some fun interactions while out of the office. This morning, Alvaro handed my iced white mocha to me sans whipped cream. Tsk tsk. So I had to hand it back to him and ask for some whipped cream on it. Then I said “You should know better” and he said “I know, I’m going to go cry in a corner.” I ❤ him.

I really need all three shots in this today. I kept waking up last night, and I’m not really sure why. I had a dream that I was pregnant, so that may be why. It kind of terrified me. I’m definitely not pregnant, in case anyone’s wondering. My bestie Erin (aka Boo) will be texting me immediately after I post this to say “Are you sure you’re not pregnant?!” She asks me that at the beginning of every conversation we have. She wants a baby to play with, and even though she is in law school in Kentucky and far far away from any potential baby I may conceive, she still wants me to. But the answer is always no. We’re good for now. The Hubbster and I thoroughly enjoy just being married and buying cute things for our nephew. Like this t-shirt:


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