I love when guys love “Call Me Maybe”


Ohhhhh Carly Rae Jepsen. You pop candy minx, you.

A little while back (aka March 20th according to my gchat log) my dear friend and music blogger, Annie, and I had this conversation:

Annie: have you heard call me maybe?
me: huh?
Annie: the song
       sorry haha
       “call me maybe”
       total teeny bopper song
       but i can’t get it out of my head
       sending it to you…

This was a very historic day. Because I watched the video and immediately made fun of it. It’s a ridiculously stupid song, right? Call me maybe? I am a mature 24-year-old with no time for such folly. So naturally, I ran back to Cheryl’s office to show her the video, and bond over how dumb it was. We may or may not have watched it three times, and we may or may not have liked it…

Then I started hearing more and more buzz about how people couldn’t stop listening to it. I figured it would be the next “Friday” and die down soon. But it’s not dying down, and I don’t want it to. I think I’ve listened to it five times today (alright, you got me, it’s been seven). I love the peppy beat, the sing-ability, the easy melody, and frankly I’m super obsessed with Carly Rae Jepsen’s bangs. I’m not alone either. The Call Me Maybe fandom is growing–even among guys, and I love them for it.

My friend Julie was walking past our apartment complex the other day, and saw a large group of fully grown men singing and dancing to it in their apartment (apparently oblivious to the fact that people can see through glass windows). An hour later, she walked past again, and they were either still singing and dancing to it, or singing and dancing to it again. Either way, they clearly love the song.

Then last night I found out that Parker (our softball pitcher who I would compare with Jason Segel both in height and personality) is in love with the song. He sings it in his head while he’s on the pitcher’s mound. And when we were at our post-game celebration, he asked me to request the song from the DJ–not because Parker was embarrassed, but because he didn’t think the DJ would play it if he was the one who requested it. Two songs later, the entire bar (comprised of kickball and softball teams playing flip cup) was partying along with Carly Rae.

Let’s be honest here–everybody loves a good, silly, catchy pop song every once in awhile. And right now is Call Me Maybe ‘s time to shine. I dare you to listen to it and not start singing it within ten minutes. Aaaand go. (Also, catch Annie over at HauteThought)


16 thoughts on “I love when guys love “Call Me Maybe”

      1. I did not start singing it. Maybe its that I grew up grunge or the great indiepop duo Tegan and Sara that I listened to in my car on my way from one job to the next or that I’ve had The Flight of the Conchords stuck in my head all week but it didn’t stick with me at all. Ill have to try it again; I am usually pretty susceptible to music suggestions (the Glee video you posted a few weeks ago had that song stuck in my head for days and I’d never even heard of Gotye before).


      2. Flight of the Conchords is awesome, I cannot blame you for that at all. And you’re welcome for the Glee video, that song is awesome. Let me know if you give Call Me Maybe another chance!


  1. It’s been in my head, too. And I felt the same way about the new Bieber song. At first, I was creeped out and said I hated it. Today, I may have rolled my windows down and turned it up on the way home. Not my proudest moment.


    1. Yeah I don’t even think I’ve given the new Bieber song a full listen, but I do not judge you at all for jamming with the windows down. I do that with Party in the USA allllllllllll the time


  2. This song is too catchy! I’m sure it will have the same effect over me “Pocket full of sunshine” had. It was stuck in my head for a week…


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