Coffee of the Day

double tall skim white mocha w/whipped cream


This tastes quite heavenly today. Seriously. I wish you could all share in my coffee joy right now.


I got a parfait, too, which started a raucous chorus of “Everybody likes a parfait!” when Julie and I got back to the office. If you don’t know what that’s from, try saying it like Eddie Murphy. And if you still don’t get it, you are obviously no fun because you haven’t seen Shrek. The original Shrek, not the crappy sequels. Why don’t they just let franchises die? It seems like nobody ever has an original thought nowadays. Everything is a rip off of Shakespeare, or an 80’s movie, or an 80’s television series, or it’s a sequel to a movie that came out a million years ago. I’m looking at you, Men In Black III. And you, potential third Ghostbusters. For real though, multiple decades have passed, and we’ve entered a new Millennium since those movies were released. Bill Murray is like, really old now.

Sorry, I get carried away with my thoughts sometimes… Mmmmm, white chocolate mocha.


What do you think?

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