Greatest Makeup Organizer EVER

I worship this thing. I wish I had more counter space in the bathroom so I could keep it out on display all the time.

Caboodles Clear Organizer Tray $10.99 at Target

This magic little organizer is basically the greatest makeup-related item I’ve ever purchased (followed closely by my Sephora synthetic mineral makeup brush. That thing is beyond awesome).

I had finally gotten to the point where I was completely fed up with cosmetic bags. Trying to fit everything in an organized manner was a lost cause. Eyeliner somehow got all over everything, and I always had to dig for what I was looking for. I needed an easier way to see all of my items and just grab what I wanted. This has more than enough room for all the makeup I use on a daily basis, and looks so pretty!

I spent a long time looking at this particular organizer online before finally buying it. I’m not really sure why it took me so long to make a decision about it, it’s not like it’s a big purchase. It may have been that I felt silly paying $6 shipping for an $11 item. Or because I kept looking at it at work and forgot to actually purchase it… Whatever the reason, it took me a few weeks to take the plunge and just buy it. But boy was I happy when I did.

I really like how I’m able to keep my brushes upright so they don’t get squished or covered in other crap like they do in a bag. That always annoyed me. And I can just slide the whole thing into the cabinet under the sink when I’m finished with my makeup, keeping the bathroom nice and tidy and gender-neutral (you’re welcome, Hubbster).

Plus I can see everything and make quicker decisions about what I feel like putting on that day. Quicker is always better. It’s really easy for me to suddenly be ten minutes late in the morning. I really don’t know how it happens. Maybe it’s some sort of magical interference, like gnomes or a poltergeist. Or maybe I just move slowly in the morning…

Who knows, both are equally likely possibilities.

I need admit one thing to alleviate my guilty conscience: this isn’t all my makeup. I do have a few items that I keep in a cosmetic bag (a few select eye shadows, fake lashes, some random tubes of lipstick, loose powder), because I only really use them during shows. But there’s no reason for me to keep that stuff in here anyway, and I bet if I really wanted to I could squeeze it all in there.

Challenge accepted.

Bottom line: If you need a better way to store and see your makeup, this thing’s gold. Get it!


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