Coffee of the Day

vanilla iced coffee

It’s an iced coffee kind of day, aka humid as all get-out.

But I do not mind the humidity today, because it is finally May. Glorious May. The month that it officially becomes Summertime in the District, intramural softball starts, the pool in my apartment complex opens, and in less than two weeks I get to see two really awesome people tie the knot.

One of the Hubbster’s best friends from high school is getting married on May 12. Her fiance is the sweetest, too. They’re just a great couple. Their wedding is the first of four we’re going to this year. Yep, you heard me. Four. May, July, August and October. At least they’re sort of spread out. We’re just too popular for our own good. Though we’re not as popular as our friend Tim, who attends more weddings than Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. Seriously. A few years back he had 10 weddings (I think, could be more) in one year, and he was standing up in a few of them. Crazy, right? He had a large crop last year too, but I only count mine and the Hubbster’s, because I’m sure it was the best. Timmy was a groomsman, and I must say he looked quite dashing. This year I think he only has 6, and he happens to be the Best Man at the July wedding we’re going to. Apparently it just isn’t a real wedding without Tim.

Even though our “4” is nothing compared to his usual tally, it is kind of a lot and could be pretty stressful. But I really don’t mind it. They’re all people that the Hubbster and I really care about, and there wasn’t one second where we thought about skipping any of them. Three of them are near Chicago, so it’s just a quick plane ride home. One is in Vegas, so we’re turning that one into a mini vacation (consisting of me lying by the pool and drinking daiquiris in between hands at the blackjack table–two of my favorite past times). Plus, I may or may not have a parent who recently started working at an airline, soooo our travel expenses are going to be very low. Thanks, Daddy 🙂

So bring on the summer humidity, ’cause it’s wedding season, baby!!


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