All Aboard: the Hunger Games Bandwagon

I decided to go whole hog and got the hard cover box set. That's just how I roll.

Since the horrendous frenzy over vampires who, for some reason, “sparkle” in sunlight instead of bursting into flames, I’ve been very wary of pre-teen franchises like this. Yes, I am referring to Twilight. No, I have not read the books. No, I’m not planning on ever reading those p.o.s. books, so you can stop trying to persuade me right now.

You want a real vampire-human love saga? Watch episodes of Buffy and Angel. At one point he has to turn back time and give up being human with her, because if he stays human, Buffy would sacrifice the world (or herself) to protect him. Bam. That’s love. Take that you sparkling pansy.

But I digress.

When everyone started talking about the Hunger Games, I naturally (if somewhat skeptically) assumed that they would be a Twilight-type story arc–i.e. targeted to 12 and 45 year old girls. But they’re not. At least according to people I’ve talked to that have read both series, they’re not. Plus, the Hunger Games movie was awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The only way I got through the first Twilight movie was by doing my own “Edward inner monologue.” In a British accent.

I really hope all of these people telling me to read The Hunger Games are right, as I am about to delve into a 3-book commitment over here on this Suzanne Collins bandwagon. I bought the boxed set (a fine deal for $30 on Amazon, especially when it’s at B&N for $48. what a rip-off), so I will be reading all three. The question is whether or not I will enjoy them.

Wish me luck!


18 thoughts on “All Aboard: the Hunger Games Bandwagon

  1. As a die-hard Hunger Games fan, I could gush all day about it. Instead, I’ll just leave you with the warning that you will become akin to the obsessed-Twilight tween fans. Except you’ll be cooler.


  2. I am not so sure I agree with the other esteemed commenters. The books are enjoyable but somewhat mediocre (the writing is poor as with most young adult novels). The film benefitted from not being limited by Katniss’s point of view and I actually enjoyed the movie more than the book. That said, I still hope you enjoy the books (especially since I am in the minority in my assessment of them).


  3. I can tell you that you will love The Hunger Games. It is nothing like Twilight and you won’t regret reading it. And these are the words of an old twilight-lover who turned into a hater by now. Enjoy reading it! 😉


  4. Never read any of these books… but the Angel reference warrants a lot of attention! Angel really was a far more awesome vampire who actually understands love and sacrifice. That, and he uses his powers to help the helpless, instead of playing baseball in the woods.


  5. I haven’t read the Twilight movies, but have seen a couple of the movies (side note: the third movie was beyond awful!). Anyway, as far as Hunger Games goes, I thought it was a great, racy read. But I enjoyed the book more than the movie…imo, the book was just a lot more intense…


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