Tomatoes: 4 Jenny: 1

We’ve gone head-to-head multiple times recently, and the tomatoes are in the lead.

Confession: I am a picky eater.

With all the recipes I’ve posted, and all of my talk of experimenting with food, I’m sure this comes as a shock to you all. But when I was a kid, I refused to eat chicken. Sometimes I would even pretend that it made me throw up. I also refused to eat peanut butter, sauces and condiments of any kind, almost all meat, non-white bread, most vegetables, anything pickled,  and anything with a smell or look that didn’t appeal to me. Basically, I lived on hot dogs and fruit and buttered noodles until I was 12.

My parents told me that when I was 2, I would devour an entire bowl of peas in one sitting. I have no recollection of this, so they could be lying, as peas are mushy and gross. Still, I’d like to formally apologize to them for being such a difficult and stubborn child. Mom, dad, I was wrong. But I think I was exceptional in numerous other ways, so how about we just let this slide? Kcool.

Over the years I tried (and liked) new foods. But once I graduated college and moved in with the Hubbster (who will eat anything, including kitchen tile if you stick it on a plate and tell him it’s edible) my own personal food revolution really began. I started making a real effort to open myself up to foods that I used to think were gross, and I discovered a world full of short ribs, stir fry, jambalaya, risotto, chili and seafood. I will basically eat seafood in whatever form it is served to me, no exaggeration–which is odd, because there are lots of normal people who aren’t crazy about seafood, and here I am being all weird about my food, while simultaneously salivating at the very mention of crab legs.

Yep, it’s happening. I can taste them now. I may have to get some at Eastern Market this weekend. And learn how to cook them… I’ve never cooked them before. Should be easy enough, right?

Last Wednesday was a big day for me in my early 20’s food revolution. For the first time in my life, I tried a raw tomato. Seriously, it was the first time. I never used to eat them–not even as sauce on my pasta.

While I’ve given in to many foods I never would’ve touched ten years ago, there are still some hold outs.  I still hate mustard, and salad dressing, and yes, peanut butter. It’s a marathon, people, not a sprint. But tomatoes have been my weird, partial hold-out.  I only like them mixed in with other things, when they’ve been cooked and blended with other flavors. The “cooked” part is really important there. They’re great in my white bean chicken chili, in tomato cream sauces, in risotto, and chicken tacos. I would even go as far as to say I love tomatoes in all of these forms.

But not raw. I tried, I really did. But I can’t do it. At least not yet.

So until next time (i.e. on Wednesday when I make this ridiculously awesome looking recipe) the tomato score stands at Tomatoes: 4 Jenny: 1

Stay tuned…


21 thoughts on “Tomatoes: 4 Jenny: 1

  1. I concur with others, fresh is better.

    You’re not alone. A friend of mine and I are picky eaters. I refused to eat pizza until I was 13 or so. I didn’t have my first cheeseburger until 2nd year in college. It wasn’t until recently (I’m 30 now) that I stopped ordering burgers and cheeseburgers plain, with ketchup only.

    I still won’t eat a lot of asian food. Hmm. I don’t like “gel” foods – ie, chicken salad, potato salad, watercress or whatever that green goop is.

    Like you, i ate lots of hotdogs when I was young.

    My friend is a little pickier than I am. She won’t eat anything with a tomato base with one exception – a specific brand of spaghetti sauce. No ketchup, no tomato soup, no chili, no…She also won’t eat any seafood or shellfish.


    1. Hahaha we all have our food issues. That makes me feel a little better 🙂
      I’m not really a fan of Asian food either. Or Mexican. I’m also not a fan of potato salad. It’s the only form I won’t eat potatoes in.


      1. I used to not like Mexican, but now I love it. Especially homemade. There are still a few mex style food I don’t like, like the one with corn ears. Tamales? I think? Not sure.


      2. Mm cheese.

        For a long time, I refused to eat melted cheese. I have a thing about “sticky” food, still do. But cheese get a pass nowadays. PB are a no-go for me still. Honey and syrup are okay-ish, as long as I definitely don’t have to touch it with my hands.

        I also have a thing about getting my hands dirty. My mom has a video of me in kindergarten with my class; we went on a trip to Pizza hut to make our own pizzas, and the videos show all the kids happily diving into the sauce and stuff, making a giant mess, to decorate their pizzas, while I look on the scene with abject horror. It’s kinda funny.


  2. I’m the opposite way. I’ll eat raw tomato no problem, but I HATE cooked tomatoes… with the exception of sauce. I have weird texture issues; which is odd because I also love seafood, which some people I know do not like because of the textures.


    1. Haha so crazy!! I actually didn’t have a problem with the raw tomato’s texture, it was the flavor. So maybe a really fresh one will change my mind.


  3. I make a similar recipe that I half learned from a friend, half figured out on my own after having it at their house. They call it Hunter’s Chicken; the theory that if you’re a hunter and shoot a bird you can scrounge the remaining ingredients and cook it all in one pot. I add a finely chopped red onion and also chop the garlic and I add dried basil and oregano in addition to the fresh rosemary. I haven’t served it with pasta yet, but recommend thick slices of crusty bread and a bottle of something dry.


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