Coffee of the Day

triple espresso con panna w/white mocha

I would like to file a formal complaint with whoever is controlling this weather. It is cold today. Like really cold. And windy. And rainy. And cloudy. Yuck.

In the immortal words of Stephanie Tanner: “How rude.”

I have been having a very busy few days at work. Because I was going a million miles an hour all morning (and didn’t get a chance to sneak out for coffee until 11:15), I got something small and delicious: my triple espresso con panna with white mocha. Mmmmm. It was delicious. Being this busy also means that I get into a groove and then don’t eat lunch until 2:00. This is quite tragic, as I love food in all forms. Especially pie. And steak. And coffee-flavored things. And fruity things. And chocolate-y things… yeah, this could go on for awhile, so let’s just say that I like food in all forms, and leave it at that.

I really do enjoy being busy at work. I like my job, and it makes the day go by faster so I can get home to the Hubbster and stuff my face with one of the delicious food stuffs mentioned above. But it’s not very conducive to my daytime blogging habit, which makes me sad. A thousand apologies to all of my lovely readers, I’m sorry for momentarily abandoning you.

But don’t worry, I will always come back.


3 thoughts on “Coffee of the Day

  1. the coffee is here… 🙂
    “I really do enjoy being busy at work. I like my job, and it makes the day go by faster ” This also defines me… despite hating my job i love love a busy day when im super so busy that i miss my coffee, my snack time and my headphones 🙂


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