Coffee of the Day

vanilla iced coffee

Mmmmmm. I do love my trips to Starbucks every morning, but I have to admit: being able to sip my coffee while on my way to work (instead of waiting until 10 or 11 to go it) is quite fantastic. Plus I get to use my re-usable venti cup. Even if I’m planning on getting a cold drink, I never remember to bring it with me unless there’s already coffee in it.

Though, I must apologize to my friend over at Somersaulting Through Life. The drastic change of cup was apparently quite alarming the other day! Thanks for caring 🙂

In the spirit of shout-outs, another one must go to my ridiculously-awesome-faraway friend Jen combined with my super-awesomely-amazingly-adorable sister Emma. Sorry about all of the adjectives, but I really love both of them. Anyhoo, their combined shout-out is because, together, they have introduced me to the ridiculously-talented Miranda Lambert. Emma planted the Miranda Lambert seed awhile ago because she goes to school in Michigan. Sometimes people in Michigan think they are in the South, drive big trucks, wear cowboy hats non-ironically and listen to a lot of country music… Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Anybody catch the Seinfeld reference? That one is so versatile.

Then Jen cultivated the Miranda Lambert seed (yes, I’m apparently continuing a gardening metaphor) by stating on Facebook that she wanted to go to her Cincinnati concert in June, and asked if anyone would go with her. What began as me jokingly saying “Me!” in an I miss you kind of way snowballed into us making plans, and me being super excited because I miss Jen oodles. Then I downloaded the Miranda Lambert ‘iTunes essentials’ and fell in love. She’s got a killer voice, her songs are sincere and funny, and I really like that some of them have an ‘explicit’ label on iTunes. What can I say? I like a potty mouth.

So there you have it. She’s awesome, Blake Shelton is a lucky man, and you should jump on the Miranda bandwagon too.


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