Iced Coffee of the Day

home made iced coffee

Guess what? I didn’t go to Starbucks this morning. I know. Crazy, right? I feel like I’m cheating. Especially since I put it in my re-useable Starbucks cup…

So where did I get this magic iced coffee, if not at Starbucks? I’ve talked many a time about how much I worship the Pioneer Woman. On Sunday night the Hubbster and I made a batch of her Perfect Iced Coffee. If you are too lazy to make a pot of coffee every morning and want to save money, this is basically gold. I tweaked the PW’s recipe a bit. Hers makes 8 quarts, I only make 6 quarts. Trust me. It’s enough. Here’s what you’ll need:

–6 quarts of cold water
–1 bag (10-12 oz) of ground coffee (I used an 11 oz bag of Dunkin’ Donuts–I went for the good stuff)
–1 extra large tupperware container with a lid (large enough to fit 6 quarts of water + the grounds)
–1 large strainer
–1 large urn/pitcher (again, large enough to fit 6 quarts of liquid, like this one)
Put the 6 quarts of cold water and the coffee grounds into the tupperware, mix it so that all of the grounds are wet, and seal the container. Let it sit at room temperature for 12-24 hours. Put the cheesecloth over the strainer (for an extra layer to catch grounds) and strain the mixture into your urn. Refrigerate, and enjoy at your leisure!

These 6 quarts will last the Hubbster and I at least a week.   I like to intersperse this into my Starbucks routine during the warmer months to save some money. I say the warmer months, because I don’t really like hot coffee. I just like iced coffee. I’m weird.

Speaking of the warmer months, the pool in our apartment complex was filled yesterday. Upon seeing it all pretty and full of water, I turned into an excited 5-year-old–and one step short of a rabid dog. If they open it up early (i.e. before Memorial Day Weekend) I think I will pee myself with joy. They also got new grills, so you are all invited over for a pool party. I’ll grab some hot dogs and fill a watermelon with vodka immediately. See you all this weekend!


4 thoughts on “Iced Coffee of the Day

  1. You’re lucky that D.C. is a decent sized little town or all your readers would start showing up Friday afternoon. One of them will find your address and post it and then get Freshly Pressed so that 30,000 people within driving distance can swarm on your apartment complex as though you had some late blooming cherry blossoms (sadly but spectacularly our cherry trees are losing their petals today and there is a light pink snowfall everytime a breeze comes along). One vodkamelon is not going to be enough (unless you have miracle powers like Yahweh; and can feed a bunch of people with 8 hot dogs and one vodkamelon like in the Bible).


  2. Hahahaha I doubt that will happen, but not gonna lie–I wouldn’t turn them away!! Plus if I could multiply vodkamelons, I think there would be no stopping me.


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