Happy Feet in Perfect Summer Wedges

Happy happy happy feet!

 Steve Madden Wade Wedge Sandals $49.95 at DSW

A solid pair of wedges are a must for summer. They are incredibly versatile. You can wear them with jeans, shorts, sun dresses, sombreros, what have you.

I like my shoes to literally go with everything I own, so I was on a hard core hunt for the perfect pair of neutral wedges. These won the second I put them on my feet. I am obsessed. They are tall, but they don’t have too much of a platform (which I hate) and don’t bend my foot to the point where they kill within 15 minutes of standing. The t-strap is adorable, and the leather and hemp mixture gives a nice contrast (both in color and texture) and they pop on my feet. Yet, they are neutral enough to go with any casual or casual plus summer outfit. What’s ‘casual plus’ you ask? Casual plus is the route I usually go on a day to day basis–it’s more thoughtful and put together than a “casual” outfit, but you’re still not in a business-style attire. I may have to copyright that term…

Today, I paired the wedges with this dress I found on Etsy that I’m obsessed with. It’s simple, yet it has a few really interesting details. That’s basically how I like all my clothes, but stuff like that is usually on the more expensive side. Due to my mother’s craftiness, I find myself designing outfits in my head sometimes. I’m thinking of getting a sewing machine and learning how to make clothes. I don’t want to be on Project Runway or anything. I just want to make stuff for me.

Petit Dejuneur in Navy $48 on Etsy

6 thoughts on “Happy Feet in Perfect Summer Wedges

  1. I got these wedges for 16 dollars at DSW!!! they were half off the price you paid, plus an addition 10% off because one shoe was a 6 1/2 and the other was a size 7 but I couldn’t tell a difference, so I went for it! While I was checking out I got another 10% off for signing up to receive coupons and then another $5 off because my birthday was the same week I bought them!


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