Coffee of the Day

It's like the three bears of white chocolate mochas

It is beautiful outside today. Some might even call it “hot.” Some, meaning me. It was like 75 when we went to get coffee this morning. So there was no doubt in my mind–I was getting a white mocha. Apparently Cheryl and Julie had that same idea. As we were walking out, we realized we all got white mochas. They’re all a little different, but it’s still just too funny.

For those of you who caught the discrepancy, yes. Cheryl’s name is spelled wrong.

I’d also like to say something to the guy who writes my cup about 3 days a week: It’s Jenny. Every day. My drink may change, but my name’s always Jenny. I am in there every weekday, I have a very sunny disposition and most of the other baristas (who don’t take my order 60% of the time) know my name. You really don’t know it yet? Sad face.

Also, piddle.


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