Shh! I have a sock in my hair!

Hello voluptuous bun! Where have you been all my life?!

Like many of you, I have noticed a large hair trend afoot. Big, high buns. It kind of reminds me of the messy buns that I would spend a solid half hour perfectly mussing up back in high school (paired with my Soffee shorts and white t-shirt under a colored t-shirt with the sleeves folded over. I had super sophisticated style in high school, obviously). Granted it looks 80,000 times better than my high school messy bun. Why, you ask? There is a secret hidden in my bun–a sock! I know, it sounds super strange. When I came in last week I went up to my co-workers and said “I have a sock in my hair” and they just looked at me like I was having a nervy b (Sidenote: a ‘nervy b’ is a nervous breakdown. Whoever understands the reference will be my new best friend. Hint: It’s from a British book series that was made into an awesome Nickelodeon movie that my friend illegally burned for me. It’s awesome. I wish I was British. Sorry for the de-railing).

Anyhoo, I have a sock in my hair. I took one of the Hubbster’s mismatched dress socks and went through the following steps:

1) cut off the toe of the sock

2) rolled the tube in on itself until it resembled a donut

3) put my hair into a high pony

4) put the pony through the hole of the sock donut

5) spread the end of the pony so it went around the edges of the donut, and rolled the donut down toward my head, tucking the hair underneath the edges and making sure the donut was covered

6) pinned it to my head and pulled slightly to loosen and create a “messy” look

I wish I could take credit for being a brilliant mastermind and coming up with this super easy way to trick people into thinking I have enough thick, voluptuous hair for a bun, but I can’t. It was Mr. Kate over at HelloGiggles. See her original instructions and video hereΒ and have fun!


18 thoughts on “Shh! I have a sock in my hair!

  1. Ha, I wish I cared enough about my hair to do interesting things with it. Instead I just never cut or comb it until my wife starts complaining about the giant dreadlocks that start forming. Its pretty majestic though (even the wife agrees about that) and my lion’s mane suits my broad features (as I am one of those dude’s who looks silly with short hair). Maybe one of these days Ill try to do something fancy…


    1. I used the first unmatched sock I found, which is a really dark navy. I’d go with a beige sock if you have blonde hair, but if you cover it right you shouldn’t see the sock at all!
      I HAD NO IDEA THERE WERE MORE BOOKS! I may pee with excitement. I will definitely check them out!!


  2. Thanks for the post! I had always wondered how come my buns were never as boofy as the others. I just thought it was because my hair was finer than theres. Little did I know that they had a sock in their hair!!! πŸ™‚


    1. Haha. Ummm I don’t know! I’ll check when I get home. I need to stop lending things to people bc I’m not the type to stalk them to get it back, lol


  3. Georgia Nicholson, right? ‘Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging’? I love that movie πŸ™‚
    And btw, your hair looks great in the picture, and I’m sure it looked wonderful with the sock, too. πŸ˜€


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