Ellen Is My Homegirl

Seriously. She cracks my shit.

So, this is a long overdue post dedicated to the awesomeness that is Ellen De Generes. She is absolutely hilarious, creative, thoughtful, a great interviewer, and (in my opinion) a great role model for for all young people–gay or straight. Sadly I am not at home in the middle of the day to watch her show, and my DVR is over-crowded as it is, so I’m not able to catch her antics every day. Sad face. But every once in awhile the interwebs are abuzz with her latest hilarity, and I’m reminded just how awesome she is. And so I’m going to fill your evening with my favorite clips. If you’re not already a fan, I think you will be after these!

This morning, my reminder of her awesomeness was her new Titanic spoof. She has a running bit where she places herself into scenes of blockbuster movies. The Titanic one was good, but this Harry Potter one is still my favorite. The Hubbster literally spit toothpaste all over my computer when he saw it (he was brushing his teeth at the time, in case it wasn’t clear why he had toothpaste in his mouth).

In case you still need some proof that she’s awesome, or you aren’t a Harry Potter fan (shame on you!!) this video has me rolling on the floor and crying every time I watch it. Seriously, that’s not an exaggeration. On the floor.

If you still haven’t had enough Ellen, YouTube her scare montages. They’re also hilarious 🙂


12 thoughts on “Ellen Is My Homegirl

  1. I have not seen Ellen’s show in full before but have seen some clips I loved and these were great too- you were right, I am indeed now a fan! haha


  2. I agree. She is fabulous! I’ve seen some of her shows a while back when I lived abroad (it’s not being broadcasted in the UK as far as I know). She’s great! Thanks for sharing this. 😉


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