Coffee of the Day & Cathartic Shopping

grande extra foam skinny vanilla latte

I was planning on getting a cappuccino, as there was a bit of a chill in the air on the walk this morning. But when I got up to the counter I decided that I wanted a bit of flavor.  Ergo the skinny vanilla latte with extra foam. But there is a very good chance that the ‘x’ was misinterpreted.  It didn’t feel like there was extra foam in this, nor was it completely without foam. Quite the noggin scratcher.

Oh well. Still good.

While sipping my latte, I have spent the greater bulk of this morning doing what I like to call “cathartic shopping.” It’s a process that I developed (kind of by accident) to keep myself from making unnecessary purchases now that I’m a grown up and married and paying down my student loans and saving for a house. Here’s how it goes:

Step 1: Go to a shopping website of your choice.

Step 2: Go through all intriguing departments and promptly put anything that you like into your bag. And I mean anything. Even if you already know you don’t need it, click and drop, baby.

Step 3: Once you’ve looked at everything, click on your shopping bag. There will be an obscene total down at the bottom that will terrify you to your very core because it’s probably equivalent to a month’s rent (unless you live in DC where the cost of living is outrageous, then it’s probably about half a month’s rent, but that’s still a boatload of dough).

Step 3 1/2: Go through your shopping bag and delete anything that you don’t love at second glance. This should eliminate at least half of it, because let’s be serious, you can’t honestly love everything.

Step 4: Let it sit for a few hours. Let it all mull over in your brain. Then go back and repeat step 3 1/2. You should end up with a few items that you really love and can see yourself wearing. Read some of the reviews, and eliminate things like unlined dresses or stuff that you’re going to have to dry clean a lot. Trust me. It’s not usually worth it, especially without seeing how it looks on you first.

Step 5: Now let it sit for a few days. Or a week. Or two! If there’s something the next week that you forgot was even in there, you obviously don’t need it. But, if a) you’ve honestly thought about and love it b) you already own things that will complement it c) it’s machine washable d) it’s versatile for work and play, and mostly e) it’s affordable, then you go and buy it, guilt-free!!

I’ve only gone up to step 3 1/2 this morning… on several web sites. I’ve got about $600 of merchandise in DSW, Mod Cloth, Forever 21 and Victoria’s Secret shopping bags at the moment. Don’t worry, Hubbster, I’m not buying anything. At least not today… This is a heavy favorite though, not gonna lie. I love yellow. And bows. And polka dots. Yeah, I might buy it.

Run a Tight Chip Dress in Banana $54.99 at Modcloth

5 thoughts on “Coffee of the Day & Cathartic Shopping

  1. I too use this tactic to refrain from making unecessary purchases! Much better going this route than heading to a department store and hearing that enormous grand total when you’re at the register!


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