Coffee of the Day

grande skim raspberry white mocha

Yep. I felt like being complicated this morning. What can I say? I’m just difficult sometimes.

So the Hubbster decided that we weren’t yuppy enough, and we started playing tennis. I have literally never played before. And not literally in the sense that I’m employing hyperbole because I rarely play. I mean literally in the sense that until 2 weeks ago, I had never picked up a tennis racquet. I didn’t even know how to spell “racquet.” I had to Google it just now. Turned out I had forgotten the ‘c’. Who knew there was a ‘c’? Not me, obviously.

Anyhoo, it’s been pretty fun so far. We were volleying last night, and I definitely hit 3 balls out of the court and into either the parking lot or various shrubberies. I still don’t know all of the rules, and Ally needs to teach me how to serve and swing properly (and make the ball go where I want to and not into shrubberies) and other things like that, but I think I’m going to really enjoy it. Plus running around the court is a really good workout. It’s nice to do something outside every once in awhile.


What do you think?

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