Coffee of the Day

iced triple grande skim white mocha

Today is that day again: Free Coffee Day!!! Otherwise known as the day where I’m reminded just how much I go to Starbucks. I’ve purchased 15 drinks at this point, so they feel like they can afford to throw one in for free. Quite right, too. Though I think that the 10th drink should be free. Or give me free extra espresso shots. Just thinking out loud, but I think those are both good suggestions. Don’t you think so, Starbucks? 😉

I ended up having a very busy day at the office yesterday and had to stay late. Super bummer. And when I got home I was exhausted. So exhausted apparently, that I fell asleep on the couch with the Hubbster at like 8:45. Ridiculous. I really am becoming an old woman, and the process seems to be speeding up. It’s quite irritating. The Hubbster was super sweet though and let me nap on his arm. And drool. I always drool when I’m not in bed.

So the big thing that I missed last night in my unexpected slumber (besides Bones) was the final March Madness match-up between Kentucky and Kansas. Thrilling, I know. When I fill out my bracket, I don’t know anything about the teams except their rankings and my random associations to the school. My best friend Erin (a.k.a. Boo) is in law school at Kentucky, so since they were ranked with a 1, I picked Kentucky to win it all. Unbeknownst to me, they were super hyped this year and apparently (I guess officially now) the best team in the country, so me picking them to win wasn’t very different from anyone else’s bracket–including the Hubbster’s. Since we picked the same winner, and I changed my bracket around after Ally told me that Syracuse’s star player wasn’t playing, the Hubbster claimed his first victory over me in a bracket pool for the first time in the history of our relationship.

Lesson learned: I will never change my bracket based on silly things like “information.” I’m coming for you next year, Hubbster. And I will be armed with nothing but my gut and a list of team mascots, organized by adorable-ness.

Congrats, Boo! Enjoy the Championship--even I know it was never going to happen when we were at Illinois...

3 thoughts on “Coffee of the Day

  1. Every year my dad does two brackets for his office pool. One with his actual predictions and one with his dream predictions. His dream bracket always has the Illini winning first place and his actual bracket almost always has Illinois going one step further than they’re expected to.

    Oddly, he usually wins the pool with at least one bracket, sometimes he wins second place as well.


    1. That’s awesome! Though he didn’t even get to put Illinois in the bracket this year. Bruce Weber sucks.
      Whoa. I’ve been living with a boy too long.


      1. Yea, he was pretty angry (as far as my father is concerned; I have heard him curse less than fifty times in 28 years and he hears me curse fifty times in 28 seconds everytime I speak to him) when they didn’t make the tourney this year. But even without his alma mater in the tourney he usually finds a way to bet on sentiment instead of logic and statistics (or rather do both, he is a professional at betting on logic and statistics as an underwriter). Usually its from my older brother’s college or my wife’s or someone else he has some connection to that has some connection to a school in the tourney.


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