Coffee of the Day

grande skim mocha

It is windy as shit today.

I was quite chilly on my walk to Starbucks this morning, so I had to get a hot beverage. I really wanted what I had on Friday, but decided to be different. I don’t usually get mochas, so when I do, they are very confused behind the counter. Barista who knows me: “Is this supposed to be a white mocha?” Me: “Nope. Mocha.” Barista: “You are confusing.” Me: “I know. Sorry!!”

I actually don’t like the hot white mochas at Starbucks (at least sans the addition of raspberry or peppermint). I’m not really sure why they are so pleasing to me in cold form, but not hot.  Something to ponder.

The mochas aren’t actually that good either, to be honest. Sorry for the negativity, but I had Caribou on Saturday, so my palette has higher standards today. Starbucks mixes a chocolate powder with water for their mocha syrup. Caribou melts real chocolate. I’m sorry, there’s just no comparison. K. Rant over.

I had Caribou on Saturday because our morning involved a fun little trek out to Dulles. Why, you ask? Because someone left their driver’s license in the security bin when someone went to Vegas last week. I’m lookin’ at you, Hubbster. Though driving to and from Dulles is way better than spending the morning at the DMV. Cripes. Why is the DMV always hell, no matter where you live? Another thing to ponder.

Sorry for giving you so many things to ponder today. It is Monday after all, and I should be taking it easy on your brains instead of putting them into ponder overload. Piddle. I’m thinking maybe I didn’t get enough sleep last night. I seem to be rambling more than usual. Double apologies.


2 thoughts on “Coffee of the Day

  1. Lol I am completely confused. I love it though, and yes the DMV’s SUCK EVVVVEEERRYYWHERE!! I used to work at starbucks, and I have found that people that loved iced mochas hated the hot ones… a few would say its way too chocolatey… I personally wasny a fan of them either, I can’t have any of them now allergic ugh!! but any ways now im confused and rambling.


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