I’ve been dumped by a coffee collar

"Do not freak when you see the next one. This is my last day here"

Sarah Jessica Parker, your post-it breakup has been topped. I’ve not only been dumped by someone I wasn’t dating, but they did it on coffee collars. Take that. Lawyered.

I was so excited to go into Starbucks this morning. It’s sunny out. I’m wearing my favorite yellow cardigan. I didn’t waffle in what I wanted at all–it was a cappuccino for me today! Kasandra was on the bar, so I knew the foam would be spectacular (sorry, that sounded kind of dirty. I didn’t know how to make it not dirty-sounding). She was making my drink and laughing just like normal, and then she dropped the bomb. She handed me these, and said shhhh.

First Alex, and now Kasandra! Are there no decent baristas left in the Commonwealth?! (Virginia is a Commonwealth, not a state. I know. It’s stupid.) I may have to start using the Keurig in the kitchen…

Oh who am I kidding, I’ll be there tomorrow. I hate the Keurig.

I need to go someplace and weep.


13 thoughts on “I’ve been dumped by a coffee collar

  1. Oh nooooo. Thank you for making me cry on my birthday.

    It’s not really my birthday and I’m not really crying, but I am giggling a bit. And also can you translate the cup sleeve?


      1. Well, this is the dumbest thing ever. I did not read the caption. Aaaaah. Sorry for the dumbness.

        So I will make up for it by telling you that I found myself talking out loud to another person about your blog the other day, how I am so glad I found this WordPress community because there are these couple of blogs, one of which is yours, otherwise this comment would be even worse than not reading the caption, that whenever it shows up in my inbox, I get so excited to read your coffee and daily anecdotes.


  2. I thought the barista was being cloned. That would REALLY freak me out. Hope she is just going to a better job or something. Sorry you’re foam-maker is leaving, but maybe the new person will be even FOAMIER!


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