80’s Trend I’m Loving: The Chambray Shirt

I may be addicted to these ecards. My apologies.

Fashion is cyclical. While there are ideas out there that are new, almost everything is recycled nowadays. If you watched an 80’s movie in the early/mid 2000’s, the clothes looked foreign and laughable. Today, I watch these movies and see piles of clothes that I want to steal (though they can keep the hair. I hope to high heaven that never comes back in any form). The 80’s have been making a fashion comeback in a huge way the past few years. Leggings, not-for-warmth hats, boy-cut blazers and over-sized sweaters, the mixing of loud patterns, bright pink lipstick and rompers all blew up–just to name a few. All of these trends that have become staples in our routine (and Katy Perry videos. Last Friday Night, anyone?) can be seen plastered across John Hughes movies and old Madonna posters. And now color-blocking has taken over the runways and for Spring.

This lovely compilation is courtesy of Queen of Hearts Beauty Bar. Thanks for being on the internets 🙂

This is always the way it goes, too. Old trends slowly permeate themselves into our lives, and most of the time we don’t even realize it’s happening. Something might look odd at first sight, and then the more we see the trend being repeated, the cuter we think it is. It’s happened most recently to me with the chambray shirt. They’re everywhere. But the Hubbster looked at me like I was crazy when I grabbed it off the rack the other day and said “Really? You’re buying a denim shirt?” But I’ve been eyeing them at various stores for months, and finally got up the guts to just buy it already when we were randomly at American Eagle. I am OBSESSED. And it’s technically not a denim shirt. It has a similar look to denim, but it’s softer, and it feels more like a heavy cotton.

Another 80's trend has made its way into my closet...
$39.50 at ae.com

You can pair it with anything, too. It’s one of those extremely versatile pieces that I love. You can roll up the sleeves, leave them down, wear it buttoned up or open. You can wear it almost like a cardigan over dresses or tanks. You can even wear it with jeans. Yes, my friends. I think the denim-on-denim look is here to stay. Just make sure that your jeans aren’t the same shade (that’s just as bad as wearing a matching pink sweatsuit in public. I don’t care if it’s Juicy, you look silly). My favorite items of clothing are ones that can be worn multiple ways–I love mixing and matching new outfit combinations to keep my wardrobe interesting. The other day I wore it open with black leggings, a loose white v-neck and flip flops. My mom told me that it looked just like an outfit that Sylvia wore in Three Men and a Little Lady. Quality film, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Tom Selleck’s mustache makes anything awesome. That’s when I started thinking  about how much 80’s style clothing I have in my closet. It’s a lot.

Today I’ve got it buttoned up and tucked into a skirt with a pair of wedges. I’m quite a fan. BTW if you’re as in love with these wedges as I am, I got them at ShoeMint. Surprisingly comfortable, and again, they go with everything. Cheryl and I had too much fun and turned her office into a mini photo shoot.

Please excuse my obnoxiously muscular legs. Genetics.

3 thoughts on “80’s Trend I’m Loving: The Chambray Shirt

  1. You’re so right about how we change our mind about fashion. And I have also been wanting to buy a denim shirt. I’m still not convinced about pairing it with jeans, but give me a couple of months (two moths ago I couldn’t even stand these shirts). BTW, great blog!


    1. Don’t worry, I’m not on the pairing it with jeans bandwagon yet either, but you should totally pick one up! And thank you, I’m glad you stopped by my little internet corner of crazy 🙂


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