Coffee of the Day

quad espresso con panna w/white mocha

Do not be fooled by the small stature of my beverage today. It packs a punch. And by punch, I mean it has 4 shots of espresso in it. Yes. Four. It’s that kind of day. Didn’t get much sleep Saturday because, well, I’m kind of an insomniac sometimes. Especially when I know I have to get up early the next day. Which I did, to take the Hubbster to the airport. And then I didn’t get much sleep Sunday because I gave my bed to my parents and was sleeping on Edna, and I knew I had to get up early to drive them to the airport. Too much airport-ing and not enough me-going-to-Paris…ing. So after two nights in the 5 hours of sleep range, it would have been smart for me to go to bed around 9 last night. We all know that didn’t happen. Instead, I did these things:

6:15–Watched an episode of Downton Abbey
7:00–Played tennis with Ally
8:15–Marveled at my ability to actually hit the ball roughly 90% of the time (unless it was over my head)
8:17–Watched another episode of Downton Abbey
9:00–Made an omelette
9:03–Tried to flip said omelette because I was alone and could go full force on my flipping attempt
9:10–Spent a good 15 minutes cleaning up the egg that had spilled on the stove after my unsuccessful flipping
9:25–Watched yet another episode of Downton Abbey (are we spotting a trend?)
10:08–Yelled at the imaginary person in my TV because I realized Netflix only has 7 episodes of Downton Abbey
10:09–Cleaned up the mess I made in the kitchen, because I’m really messy when the Hubbster isn’t home and I have no one to make fun of me for being a slob
10:30–Made popcorn in the popcorn popper Emma got me for my bridal shower (thank you Emmypoo!)
10:40–Did a face mask, because the humidity killed my skin last week
10:45–Put in Cruel Intentions, which I have been dying to watch ever since it came in the pretty Netflix envelope last week, but am a nice wife and didn’t want to make the Hubbster watch
10:46–Painted my nails while I watched Cruel Intentions and remembered how hot Ryan Phillippe used to be before he was mean and cheated on Reese Witherspoon
11:57–Yelled at the imaginary person in my TV because Netflix sent me a scratched disc and I couldn’t watch the last 30 minutes of Cruel Intentions
11:59–Yelled at the Hubbster because I couldn’t watch the last 30 minutes of Cruel Intentions
12:15–Was sickeningly adorable with the Hubbster because he is in Las Vegas and I can’t sleep without him
12:30–Watched more Downton Abbey
As you can see, I had quite the busy evening. And by busy, I mean I did absolutely nothing that was worth making a list and I’m sorry that I wasted your time.
p.s. In case you didn’t get my hints from how many episodes of Downton Abbey I watched yesterday, I strongly urge you to watch it if you haven’t seen it. It’s super addicting.
Soooo good.
p.p.s. If you have trouble getting through the first half hour of the first episode, don’t worry, it stops getting boring and starts getting really juicy! We tried to start watching it a few weeks ago but we were tired and got bored kind of quickly. But I finished it yesterday and boy am I glad I did. The Brits know how to do it up right.
p.p.p.s. Speaking of British TV shows, you should also check out Doctor Who and Coupling if you haven’t before. Both on Netflix 🙂
p.p.p.p.s. I feel like I’m a Netflix commercial sometimes. Sorry! I just like it when entertainment is delivered to me without commercials. That’s why I will never pay for Hulu Plus. You still have to watch commercials. Did you know that? What a rip off.

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