Coffee of the Day

grande java chip frappuccino

Some of the hand writing on these cups just cracks me up. Especially since I have very neat hand writing, so maybe I’m just hyper critical of other people. Something to ponder. It’s officially summer in the District (March is so early, even around here), and that means frappuccinos. I already feel bad for all of the baristas. We are frappuccino-crazy, and they are quite the bitch to make. On behalf of coffee-addicted Americans everywhere, I apologize.

93% humidity today. Damn swamp. But I don’t care, because it’s Friday. And I finally got my purse!!! Yep. After 2 weeks, it’s finally criss-crossed all over this great nation of ours and made its way into my possession. It is gorgeous and pink and summery and HUGE. I can fit everything I need for work, including my lunch box, a book, a water bottle, and all of the other crap that I carry around on a daily basis. I know, it’s a cliche for a woman to have a lot of crap in her purse. What can I say? I’m cliche. I held it up to the Hubbster last night and said “What do you think of the new purse?” He said “It’s ugly.” It’s alright, though. I gave up on his accessory approval a long time ago. I expect him to say that my purses and/or shoes are ugly. He likes my hair and clothes, and you can’t have everything.

Tonight I am making a delicious dinner. Be jealous that you won’t get to partake in the delicious-ness. Our friend Andrew has been at Quantico for Marine Corps Officer training for almost a year, and whenever he gets free time he’ll come for a visit. He likes us just fine, but he really visits for a meal that doesn’t taste like dorm food. In honor of his arrival, I’m going to swing by Eastern Market and get some fresh seafood after work. Mmmmmm. I’m so excited. I think I’m going to do salmon and bacon-wrapped scallops. Because why should we have to choose just one? When in doubt, get both, that’s what I always say. I might grab some asparagus while I’m there, too. It’s lucky that only the indoor section is open during the week.  Otherwise I would be wandering around there until 9pm, scarfing down kettle corn and buying art that I don’t have a place to put in our apartment. But it’s such pretty art… 🙂


3 thoughts on “Coffee of the Day

  1. That frap looks super yummy.

    I want a big purse. My purses get bigger, but they are not keeping up with the rate of junk that I am asked to haul around by various members of my family.


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