Coffee of the Day

grande skim cappuccino

Kasandra told me it was blasphemus to get a hot drink on such a warm day. And I do not disagree with her. But it was a bit windy when we walked to Starbucks, and even the 96% humidity (not an exaggeration or a typo. That’s what the weather channel told me when I woke up this morning) didn’t make me crave a cold drink in that moment. So good morning, cappuccino 🙂

I feel the need to tell you all that I have created a monster…

A few days before Valentine’s Day, I was looking on the Vera Bradley website (I have a lot of Vera Bradley. My mom and sister and I are all addicted). My boss hadn’t gotten a gift for his wife yet, and thought that a purse might be a good idea. I told him that the stores have really great customer service (which they do, and they should be applauded for it) and there was an outlet right by his house, so he could swing by and get it on the way home. He then called the store about 3 times to have them put aside a few of the different patterns and bags he was looking at. He also took a survey of all the women in the office to have them choose their favorite pattern. I’m not joking, we spent a solid half of the day talking through this purchase with him.

Last week it started again.

He had gotten her the Vera, which is really big, so she could carry all of their kids’ stuff around. Now he wants to get her a small purse to go inside the big bag. Seriously. He just spent 15 minutes on speaker phone with the poor woman at the outlet store (I’m so sorry Sam, he means well. And I am thoroughly entertained). I apologize to everyone at that store. My bad.

I’d also like to publicly (and by publicly, I mean on the inter-webs) poo-poo the Hubbster (and basically all guys) for always making fun of my favorite movies. I found out last night, courtesy of my friend Talia, that Clueless was actually very well-received by critics! Ha ha! Victory is mine! I have awesome taste in movies! Though I doubt that discovery will stop the Hubbster (and basically all guys) from making fun of chick flicks and bad dialogue in the future. It’s in their nature.


6 thoughts on “Coffee of the Day

  1. I am a dude and I don’t know anyone my age who doesn’t love Can’t Hardly Wait or Clueless (I am 28). Both of those movies are 90s classics. I have seen She’s The Man, and while its not good, Amanda Bynes is charming and funny enough to make anything at least watchable. And National Treasure gets extra play in my circle because in the scene shot at Independence Hall one of my actor friends gets pushed aside in the crowd, which makes him super famous. Probably shoulda said this yesterday; but I got your back.

    Though Letters To Juliet is unforgivably bad.


  2. Are the cold drinks usually more expensive than the hot ones?

    I keep telling myself NOT to fork over $4 for yet another sugary-semi-coffee-y (hard to say) beverage at the Student Union just because I see pictures daily on your blog that remind me what I’m missing. I mean, we have a coffee machine in our office. It’s three feet from my desk. I could ROLL there…


    1. Haha it depends. The venti ones are because they have 3 shots in them, while the hot ventis only have 2. I know too much about coffee.
      We have a Keurig in our office too. I have never used it.


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