I Wish There Was a Chick Version of “Bromance”

Ally & me at the Taylor Swift concert last summer. It was amazing. And we're just cool like that.

I’ve been racking my brain for a solid five minutes to see if I know if a clever word for a friendship between two women, but all I can think of is “girlfriends,” and frankly, that’s just not as fun as Bromance. Why do they get the clever word? Chick-mance just sounds ridiculous. Oh well. They may get the clever word, but I think the bonds of a chick-mance are stronger. I’ve had so many great female friends over the years. And even though I don’t talk to a lot of them on a regular basis, I know that we’d still have each other backs in a second. I love each and every one of them for numerous reasons. You know who you are.

But today I’m singling out Ally. We first met at a happy hour that I went to with the Hubbster. He and Ally’s old roommate work in the same office. But I didn’t really remember Ally after the happy hour, until we all went in the same group to New Year’s Eve. She basically came up to me (already drunk of course, one of the many reasons I love her) and said “We’re going to be best friends!” I thought she was crazy. But she was right. She and I have a ridiculously amazing chick-mance filled with shopping, movies, kickboxing and random nonsense, and I don’t know what my life in DC would be like without her. Though it would certainly be less fun 🙂

Once when Ally and I were out, another girl told me that I was the weirdest girl they had ever met. She didn’t really mean it in a good, “you’re quirky and sweet” kind of way. She meant it in a “you’re weird” kind of way. But Ally knows that my being weird actually makes me awesome, and sent me this e-card yesterday. It basically perfectly describes our friendship.

I can't even tell you how much I love this. Please share it with the weirdos that you love!

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