Coffee of the Day

iced triple grande white mocha

Not gonna lie folks. There are going to be a lot of these in my future. I can’t help it, I’m addicted to them in the summer time. I blame my mother. Actually, I don’t blame her. I thank her. Thank you, Mom, for showing me the ways of the white mocha. I am forever in your debt.

It was her birthday yesterday 🙂 Happy Birthday, Mommy! I wasn’t there to celebrate with her, but Emma, the Hubbster and I sent her a beautiful vase of flowers, and we skyped! She’s pretty much the best mom ever. For realskies. Ask any of my friends, she’s the shit. Haha. Okay, now I have two funny stories about my mom that I must share, because they describe why she makes me chuckle all the time, and why I love her to bits:

One time, my mom and I had a very extensive discussion on the difference between the adjective “shit” and phrase “the shit.” Naturally, she had trouble understanding why something that’s super awesome could be described as an icky bodily function. She’s got it now, though. She’s hip to the lingo. Now every time she says “the shit” she overemphasizes “the.” She also over-enunciates the “t” at the end of shit. I think it’s because she has a hard time swearing, so every time she does swear, it’s very deliberate. Which brings me to the second story on my crazy thought train…

Even though my mom didn’t go off to college until she was 21, (because she was being financially responsible and earning the money to pay for college beforehand) she had also been kind of sheltered. When she met my dad, he always had to explain dirty jokes to her. And she only knew two swears: shit and damn. When she was really angry she would say them both: “Shit damn!” Sometimes Emma and I say that when we’re mad as an homage, even though we have no trouble swearing like sailors.

Happy Birthday, Mom! ❤

She and my dad are totes in love. This is one of my favorite pictures ever 🙂

3 thoughts on “Coffee of the Day

  1. Oh man, this post is full of so much caffeinated sweetness. I think I love your mom. Is that okay?

    When my dad got mad at something when I was little, he would randomly shout out “jackass” even though it was never a person, but a situation. Window wasn’t closing right? JACKASS! Traffic was jammed? JACKASS! LOL, parents are great. I wonder what my kids will right about me. Probably Shit Damn. And they’ll mean it. : )


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