Coffee of the Day

triple venti skim mocha

So, I’m basically a psychic. I knew as soon as I decided to get my spring/summer clothes out, it would get cold. And it’s cold. I also knew that after kickboxing last night I would be very sore again, and I feel like my legs are barely attached to my body. Alright, that second one was fairly predictable. You don’t need to be a psychic to know that after not exercising for 2 months and then pushing myself incredibly hard 3 days in a row my muscles would be sore. And I wasn’t very psychic with my bracket. I already lost 3 Sweet Sixteen teams and 1 Elite Eight… Okay. Fail. I’m not psychic. But I am 2-points ahead of the Hubbster in my bracket. I love you, Hubbster. But suck it! Also, if you’re looking for some quality March Madness humor, click here. You’re welcome.

Since I’m sore and it’s cold outside, I decided to get big ol’ hot drink. I really wanted a pumpkin spice latte (obviously) but there was a long line and I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to ask for them or not. Plus Alex was there! So I got a little distracted, and ordered a mocha. My plan was to catch Kasandra’s eye, because she was on the bar, and see if she could slip it into my cup. But she was very focused due to the busy-ness, and that didn’t happen. It’s okay, because my mocha is delicious. But in the future, if I order a hot mocha, that’s my code for give me the good stuff 🙂


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