My Bright Coral Nails Make Me Happy

I don't think I'll ever be too old for bright pink nail polish.

These look a little more orange in the photo than in real life, but you get the gist: They’re bright. And they make me feel like summer time and sno-cones. And they’re pink. I love pink. They actually match my phone cover, which is bright blue and pink. Yes, I’m five. When I got my iPhone (right after we got married) I felt like I should be a grown-up, and I thought I should get a more grown-up cover. Then a year later I said screw it, and got the pink and blue one that I wanted in the first place. This is my lesson to you all for the day: Go with your gut, and don’t worry about acting like an adult. It’s overrated.

This is another one of those OPI by Sephora colors, in I’m Wired. I was digging through my bag of polish looking for my pinks last night, trying to pick a shade that accurately reflected my cheery springtime mood. I didn’t remember buying this, and was confused when I pulled it out. Then I realized that Emma bought it at the same time that I bought my turquoise… last June. She immediately painted her nails back at the apartment, and it must’ve gotten swept up into the endless abyss that is bag of nail polish. Sorry, Em! I didn’t mean to! Just like I didn’t mean to steal your tweezers at Christmas. Why would I need two pairs?

And I don’t have your yoga pants either, I swear! You should really quit losing things.


8 thoughts on “My Bright Coral Nails Make Me Happy

  1. love your blog! it’s adorable! and looooving that nail polish. I just can’t get enough of the bright colors either. I have a box full of nail polishes and I would say about 90% of them are super bright colors 🙂


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