Can’t Live Without Summer Accessory: Ray Bans

These beautiful sun-gafas (my friend’s Spanglish word for sun glasses that I’ve adopted) represent some of the best money I’ve ever spent. Period.

My purses used to be littered with nose pieces that had broken off, lenses that had popped out and and other various detached parts from pairs and pairs of cheap, crappy sun-gafas. You get to a point where you’ve gone through so many pairs of $5 sunglasses that it’s time to take the plunge and buy a pair that won’t break after 2 weeks.

My resolve to get a pair of Wayfarers actually started a whole year before I actually bought them…When I was an intern, we would go to Jazz in the Sculpture Garden on Friday evenings. It was an awesome time, like a big picnic and music experience. They have food and beer and sangria there, but you can bring in your own food and stuff. So we’d grab cheese and crackers and fruit, and would sneak in a few bottles of wine. You weren’t supposed to BYOB, but we were interns. Aka broke. One Friday, my friend Dan got super drunk, and left his black Wayfarers (that he was obsessed with) in my purse. This also happened to be my last night in D.C.–I was flying back to Chicago the next morning. I may have found the sunglasses before I left. And I may have had several opportunities to return them because Dan may have been my roommate, and driven me to the airport. And I may have decided to take custody of them without telling him. Oops 🙂 I’m not a complete thief, though. I gave them back to him when the Hubbster and I moved out here the following spring, and then Dan promptly lost them. Like within a month. So they had been better off in my care anyway.

When I got my first non part-time job out here, the first order of business was clear: sun-gafas. It was my reward for three months of torture working two retail jobs and getting no sleep. I settled on the tortoise shell classic Wayfarers, which are slightly bigger than the new Wayfarers and are set at an angle. I think I look pretty baller. I highly recommend them. Worth. Every. Penny.

What a bamf. Especially rockin' the side pony.

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