Oh Jody Sawyer, how far we have fallen

Holy shit, I can't believe this movie came out 12 years ago...

I am a child of the late 90’s/early 2000’s. I was also on dance teams in junior high and high school, so this movie was basically the ultimate in pre-teen/teen dancing awesomeness for me. It’s way up there on my nostalgiac list of movies that I loved when I was a teenager and like to watch from time to time (like Drive Me Crazy, which Ally and I totally watched a few weeks ago and it was still awesome). It was also high on my list of movies that I watched over and over again in high school. My friend Annie and I watched Center Stage alllll the time, another friend of ours had gone to a dance camp where Charlie was (OMG) and we all basically wanted to grow up to be Jody Sawyer.

This lovely little nugget also features Zoe Saldana, who is amazing in everything, and that brunette chick who was in every 90s movie as the girl-you-love-to-hate-sidekick (she was also in Drive Me Crazy and 10 Things I Hate About You. I don’t actually know her name. She’s just that 90s sidekick chick. Hold on… Susan May Pratt. Yeah. There was no way I was going to know that. Thank you, IMDB). Plus, Peter Gallagher and his super eyebrows, and Ilia Kulik! Oh, crap, you probably don’t know who Ilia Kulik is. He played the Russian guy in the movie, and he was a big deal figure skater back in the day. I also figure skated for 7 years before I danced, so this was exciting to me. I know, I’m a girl of many talents.

In a nut shell, this movie is part of my teenage soul, ergo part of me forever. And the other day while watching TV, I saw the new Shamrock Shake commercial. Now, I find Shamrock Shakes to be disgusting. No offense, I know they have a loyal following, but I think they’re yucky, and so I don’t normally pay attention to these advertisements. But the girl in it caught my eye…

Hello, awkward girl smelling her boyfriend because he had a Shamrock Shake and didn't tell her.

It drove me nuts for about an hour. I was like who is that?! Who the hell is that, I know her! Then I saw it a second time and it hit me. Oh my goodness, that is Jody Sawyer.

Gotchya, Jody Sawyer!

Oh Jody. Every girl who grew up in the 90’s wanting to be you just shuddered. Hard core. I was flabberghasted. I didn’t know what to do! So, I of course wrote on Annie’s Facebook wall to tell her my findings. We often do this, and I knew that she would share my pain and dismay. How far we have fallen.

Now that I’ve thought about it for a few days, I guess I realized that you haven’t really done anything since Center Stage. At least nothing that I know about. Let me IMDB you….

HOLY CRAP!! I had totally forgotten about this!

I was forced to go see J. Edgar, which sucked, as I predicted it would. Clint Eastwood is old, and he makes old, slow movies. And the age makeup was really distracting. But anyway, there’s a scene where Leo & Armie are at a restaurant talking to these girls. And Jody Sawyer is one of the girls! I can’t believe I forgot about that. She has gone from lead actress in awesome 90’s movie (technically it was 2000, but that’s basically still the 90’s. It’s the cusp. Plus 90’s sounds better than 2000’s) to being an almost unnoticeable random chick. Apparently she was also in an episode of Bones. I didn’t even notice her there. And that’s saying something, because I’m really observant with this kind of thing. Oops. Sorry, Jody! At least you’re working.

See, there she is in between the boys with the puff in her hair.

8 thoughts on “Oh Jody Sawyer, how far we have fallen

  1. Holy crap it’s true!!!!

    You forgot to mention another Center stage and ballet star Ethan stieffel (AKA Cooper “I’m the bad guy but I dance like God” Neelson) who retired during this season.

    I found out about this movie during my ballet leasons and, you’re right, it’s awsome that 12 years passed by already.
    Everyone should watch it ’cause I don’t know If you’ve noticed but EVERY dance movie after this one is all about “we dance urban/free style/hip hop and we’re cool and you bored -classical snobs can go to H***!

    Love this post 🙂


  2. Oh. My. Gosh. I LOVED that movie! It makes me sad that Jodie had gotten so desperate. A McDonalds commercial? Really??? For shame. If she couldn’t get anything better why didn’t she just become a dance teacher it something? She looks hot in tights, might as well wear them to work every day…


  3. I am sure that I saw that movie wait maybe not. LOL you just brought a smile to my face and yes you are multi-talented.


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