Coffee of the Day

grande pumpkin spice latte. YESSSSSSSS

Apparently I am the girl who cried wolf. Well, not “wolf” exactly, but I am the girl who cried “I won’t get anymore pumpkin spice lattes after today!!!” and that turned out to be not true. But only because Kasandra loves me. She also gave me another shot of espresso 🙂 That is awesome for today since my sleep patterns are still uber off from this stupid spring forward… and our late night Doctor Who marathon… though I will admit, I liked that it was still sunny at 6pm yesterday. That means it will be sunny when I come home from work! That’s why winter sucks so much–you leave for work in the dark, and you come home in the dark. That much darkness is not conducive to being a happy person. So I guess I can’t be that angry at the spring forward.

I think I’m going to make oatmeal cookies tonight. It’s my grandma’s recipe, and they are the most amazing oatmeal cookies ever. They are soft–not hard, I hate hard oatmeal cookies–and they have a bunch of spices that give them an amazing flavor. I’ll post the recipe later tonight so you can taste for yourself!

Every time we went over to my grandma’s house when I was a kid, there was a tupperware container that was always filled with these oatmeal cookies. It was awesome, and the tupperware was the only thing I wanted when we were cleaning out her townhouse after she died. So now it sits out on my counter when it’s filled with baked goods, and I think of my grandmother.

Now I’m a little sad. Two guys walk into a bar. The third one ducks. Haha. K, now I’m better. That is my favorite joke. It’s only funny when you’re really upset or depressed, though. So if you ever encounter someone crying, tell them that joke. I don’t know why, but it works.

Trust me.


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