Jenny & Emma’s Doctor Who Marathon: Yes, we’re nerds.

We also watched basically every re-boot of Star Trek with my dad when we were kids. What up.

There’s something that you all need to know about me: I’m a nerd. I’m not like a Big Bang Theory kind of nerd who reads fan fiction and sci-fi novels and goes to conventions or anything like that. But I am (and Emma is) a Star Trek, Star Wars, and now Doctor Who watching kind of a nerd. Once when I was in trouble as a kid, my punishment was that I wasn’t allowed to watch Star Trek that night. And it was original series, so I was missing out on William Shatner. Not cool. Except my Dad loves me and  five minutes into the episode he came up and got me. I love my Daddy.

Our nerd-dom had yet to expand into Doctor Who, however, until recently. They show episodes on PBS on Sunday nights, and random weeks Emma and I were home from school or wherever, we would catch an episode with Dad. Only we never really saw the beginning, and didn’t have much background. So they were enjoyable enough, but we weren’t really invested in them at all. And, we didn’t have Netflix. Netflix has really become an enabler to my sick TV habit. I powered through the first five series (that’s what they’re called across the pond. Series, not seasons) a few months ago, and I just finished the sixth.

So, when Emmypoo and I were reunited on Friday, the Doctor was up on my recently watched. She was like “Let’s watch some Doctor Who!” And I was like “Okay, which Doctor?” For those of you who don’t know, the Doctor is an alien life form who can regenerate himself, and when he does, he takes on a different physical form. i.e. he becomes a different actor. And she’s like “I don’t really care. I’ve never seen the beginning, though.” What a lovely place to start! So we watched the first two episodes. That was enough to hook her.

We did lots of other things this past weekend, I don’t want you all to think that we spent her entire visit in front of the television. We went out to dinner at Founding Farmers, which was delicious. Then we went to Blackfinn, had some drinks and watched basketball. Then Saturday we went shopping and I made chicken picatta. I need to put that recipe up here, because it is Emma’s favorite meal, and has become something of a tradition with the fam. That’s why we made it. Well that, and the Hubbster bought a giant thing of chicken yesterday. He will tell you that it was only five chicken breasts, but they were huge, and when I cut them down to edible portions there were 17 of them. We froze them, don’t worry. But it was good to get a few of them eaten.

After dinner (and while I was cooking), we were pounding through series one of Doctor Who, featuring Christopher Eccleston. The few episodes I had caught at home were with David Tennant, whom I love to bits. So I was worried that I wouldn’t like Christopher Eccleston, but he was awesome as well. His smile basically takes over his whole face, which is just a great quality in a person (in my humble opinion).

Christopher Eccleston as "The Doctor"

We ended up having a hard core marathon. Last night was daylight savings, but the hellish one where you have to spring forward and you lose an hour of your night. Plus Emma had an early flight, so we had to get up at 7am to get her to the airport. Which was really 6am. At 1:15 we were debating on whether or not to watch just one more episode, but I looked at the menu and realized that it was the first episode in the 2-parter Series One finale. We decided that since we had to get up in less than 5 hours, she had to get on a plane to Chi-town and then drive 2 hours back to school, we should go to bed. So I turned out the lights, said good night and went to my room. I laid there for like 30 seconds, decided I was wide awake and went back into the living room. The conversation went like this:

Me: (frenzied) Are you wide awake? Because I’m like, wide awake!

Emma: (laughing) Well you are, so you should turn it on.

Me: (really high pitched, for some reason) I’m so conflicted, because I really want to watch the end with you, but I know that you are the one who has to travel in five hours and I can go back to sleep.

Emma: I don’t care. I really want to watch it. Turn it on, but if I fall asleep don’t wake me up.

She didn’t fall asleep. And so we finished it at 3am. Which was actually 4am. So she got 3 hours of sleep. Totes worth it though, right, Em? ❤

I don’t care if it’s nerdy. Doctor Who is awesome, and you should all watch it. Aaaaaand go!


8 thoughts on “Jenny & Emma’s Doctor Who Marathon: Yes, we’re nerds.

  1. Hahahaha! I’m pretty geeky, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get into Doctor Who. The really old series used to be on after school, but I never got into them. Not sure if it’ll be any different now.

    Well, maybe I’ll give it a shot if I stumble across it.


  2. I don’t know if they have Sherlock on Netflix, but that is written by two of the guys that write on Doctor Who (one (Stephen Moffat) is the head writer for the last two series)). Sadly there are only two series of three episodes each because everyone seems to be working on The Hobbit, but it is awesome! I’m still racking my brains over the final episode, and I have to wait until 2013 to see how it was done…


    1. They do, and I’ve heard great things! I was wondering why they only had a few episodes on there, now it makes sense! It’s definitely on my list…


  3. “I’m not like a Big Bang Theory kind of nerd who reads fan fiction and sci-fi novels and goes to conventions or anything like that.”

    While I won’t advocate the reading of Fan-Fic, you should give Conventions a chance; Convention Goers are typically cool people…Ok not so much cool as fun. if you are interested and want to start out small there is a little con gong on in September near you My friend Brenda is going to have a table there selling her prints and comics so if you mention you’re related to me…well, she’ll probably make fun of you for that. give it a chance and if you like it you can join us at the larger more senses shattering conventions like C2E2 when you are in Chicago or the New York Comicon over on your coast.

    -Dave G (Your Cousin)


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