The Joys of Online Shopping. WARNING: This is a rant.

Isn't it adorable? I want it. Now. Crap, that makes me sound like I'm five. But I want it!

I need to rant about this a little bit. Sorry. I’ll try to keep it witty 🙂

I’ve been having kind of a rough week at work (they’re trying to make me change over to a new system that is, in very adult and professional terms, crap) and so last night I swung by DSW to get this bag I’ve had my eye on, but they didn’t have it anymore in the color I wanted. I want the coral, they had the fuchsia. Very different. So I ordered it online when I got home. It remembered my info, I typed in that number on the back of the credit card and sent my order. Here’s the thing though: the last time I ordered something online there, for whatever reason I can’t remember, I had it sent to my parents’ house. In Chicago.

Immediately recognizing this on the confirmation email, I screamed a few expletives and called customer service. It was 7pm and they were closed. So I replied to the email (like it said) but there was nothing else I could do. I got an email this morning back from them that said “Oh no!” Literally. I’m quoting them, ergo the quotes.

“Oh no! Looks like your order is too far into our fulfillment process to change the address – so sorry!”

Really? First of all, I know that’s meant to sound playful, but it makes me want to punch my computer screen. And do they know why it’s too far in the fulfillment process? Because their customer service closes obscenely early in the evening. What if it closed at 11pm? Fine, I understand that, it’s late, the warehouses probably aren’t operating right now, it’s the end of the day, people are going to bed. But 7? Really? Really?!

Hm. I feel like I could be Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler right now, just screaming ‘Really?!’ at everyone. Those segments are pretty funny. Weekend Update was always better when it had a back and forth. Here’s a funny one to make up for the fact that you just had to listen to (er…read?) my ranting.


6 thoughts on “The Joys of Online Shopping. WARNING: This is a rant.

  1. Surely the only point where they can give you their ridiculous “Oh no” message is after the item has actually been dispatched! Not before. That’s the usual policy of pretty much everywhere else in terms of online shopping.

    I hope their “oh no” message didn’t have a smilie face attached to it anywhere.


  2. Oh no! I might not buy anything else from you! How do you like that? Sorry, I’m too far into being royally pissed to change my decision now – so sorry.

    Yeah, I think I’d have to have some serious words with their CSR people.


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