Coffee of the Day

venti refresh tea, and triple espresso con panna with white mocha

I’m back at work today, so I really needed my caffeine. But I’m still not 100%, so my caregiver instincts were telling me to get something with antioxidants and other such soothing properties. I stayed true to my motto. Have I not told you my motto before? It’s really quite brilliant. When in doubt: get both. See? Brilliant. You’re amazed (and a little embarrassed) that you didn’t think of it without my help, and now you want to learn how to needle point just so you can put it on a pillow, and display it proudly in your living space. I recommend blue needle point. Blue goes with everything. Why do you think denim is blue? Because it goes with everything. Man, I’m just blowing your mind today, aren’t I?

I had a hard time falling asleep last night. Though seeing as I slept for approximately 90 hours this weekend, I don’t have the usual “I did not get my requisite amount of beauty sleep” air about me. Beauty sleep is no joke. In our book club book this past month (review coming soon) we read “The Marriage Plot.” Spoiler alert: my overall review is very positive (I swear, this is relevant to beauty sleep–just give it a minute). Ally and I were talking one day while driving somewhere about this scene in the beginning:

You can tell it’s written by a man, because it’s describing the main girl waking up at about 7:30 a.m. after a long night of partying & drinking, ending at about 4:30 a.m. In this description, she says maybe it was just a product of her being her, but she could wake up after a night of partying and still look as fresh faced as she did when she went out. I’m sorry. This is completely false advertising. I have NEVER met a woman, no matter her age, who can look respectable in the morning after a night full of that high a level of shenanigans. She will have racoon eyes from her mascara, her hair will be a gnarly, yet flat, mess, and she most certainly cannot go out to breakfast with her parents without showering or brushing her teeth, and wearing the same (stained) dress from the night before. False. We need beauty sleep. And at the very least we need a toothbrush and a baby wipe in the morning.

Alright. I will come down from my soap box now.

My coffee is quite yummy today. As is the tea. If you’ve never had the Refresh before, you should try it. It does wonders for a sore throat and general congestion.


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