Coffee of the Day

grande skim pumpkin spice latte

Every time I see the pumpkin spice latte code written in lowercase, I always think it says PSI, aka per square inch. It’s how they measure tire pressure. And so I think of tires every time I get my coffee. Yep, I’m officially weird.

The latte is particularly yummy today. It was chilly when we left this morning, so I wore a camel trench over my green cotton dress, tan flats and my new grey cloche. I may have to post a picture later. I felt very fall-like. And British. I don’t know why, but it made me feel like Audrey Hepburn. Or a Burberry Brit advertisement, minus the plaid scarf.

I also got to see Alex, my former and much missed barista who was visiting the store when I went in today. It was really nice to see him. I gave him the web address of my blog, so maybe he’s reading this. Hi, Alex!!


7 thoughts on “Coffee of the Day

    1. It really is!! They’ll only have it for like another week. My barista tipped me off so that I could deal with the emotional trauma before it was just taken away from me without warning. You should go snag one!


    1. Agreed! I don’t think I’d ever want my own espresso machine. Plus I like my ritual of actually leaving the office, walking, and interacting with people when I get my coffee. It’s my thing!


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