Hello, springtime nails!

I could've just taken a picture of my nails, but how boring would that be? Plus, my hair was really working for me.

Nothing says spring like pretty turquoise nails. Don’t you agree? I was going back and forth between colors the other day. When my base coat was dry and it was time to commit, I pulled a coral and turquoise out and said to the Hubbster “Which one?” He voted turquoise. He actually really likes this color on me, which I find odd for some reason. But every time I hold up two bottles and one of them is this turquoise, it always wins.

I like getting input from the Hubbster on stuff like this. He’s actually very helpful, and his answers always come from an honest place. There are times–like when it’s 15 minutes after he wanted to leave to go out and I’m still not dressed–that he will say anything to get me out the door. But most of the time he will give me his honest opinion about whatever I ask. He is especially good with things like “Headband or no headband?” and “This shoe or that shoe?” and “Does this hang funny?” Anything with two options, he can pick one. Can he go into my closet and pick me out an outfit? No. Would I want him to? No, I prefer my husband to be straight. But can he give me a good answer between two shirts? Yes. And he will give me an answer, which frankly lots of guys don’t. I love him for that (among the many other reasons, see part 1 and part 2).

Back to my nails. They just scream “Spring!!!” to me (btw, the three exclamation points were supposed to indicate the screaming, in case you didn’t get that). It is a Sephora by OPI polish in Read My Palm. Find it here! I have a few other colors in this brand, and I like them a lot. They have a nice thickness when you apply it, and it’s got great staying power. I highly recommend it. Especially when combined with the best top coat in the history of the world. This stuff is thick (in a good way, like it penetrates all the layers underneath), soooo shiny and dries quickly! Worth every penny.

Happy nail-painting!


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