Coffee of the Day

iced triple grande skim white mocha

Today I had a lot of trouble deciding what to get. That doesn’t usually happen to me. By the time I get in line, I have a firm grasp of what I am ordering. There was even an extra long line today (probably because it is freaking GORGEOUS outside and everybody felt like a walk) and I still didn’t know what I wanted until I got up to the counter. And even then I wasn’t sure. Luckily I made a good selection. Hello, iced white mocha, it’s been awhile.

Back to the fact that it’s freaking gorgeous outside. It is freaking gorgeous outside. I can’t say this enough. The few really warm days we’ve had, it’s conversely been about 35 degrees in the morning. Not today. I got really confused when I checked the weather before I got in the shower at 7:15, because it said it was 54. I was like no, that has to be the high, right? Nope. It was 54 degrees at 7:15 this morning. Hallelujah, spring!!!! Hopefully? Maybe?

If it snows next week I’m going to be so pissed.

It probably will. Grrrrrrr. Damn you, spring. Nobody likes a tease!


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