This is why I love Brian Williams

He frequents the halls of SNL, 30 Rock, and the Daily Show, in addition to being a kick ass newsman.

I am on record as stating that Brian Williams is on my list of 5 celebrities I’m allowed to sleep with. This is why. He is an amazing reporter. His coverage is poignant and insightful, and his new show “Rock Center” is a quality and interesting newscast. If that weren’t reason enough to love him, he makes a startling number of guest appearances into pop culture. Perhaps you have seen him on the Daily Show? Or Saturday Night Live? Or 30 Rock? Or the latest addition to the long list of reasons why I love him, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Enjoy. And if you don’t love him after this, then I don’t know what to say to you.  

*sorry about the previous link. I went to it and it was just a Capitol One commercial. Stupid embed code….


6 thoughts on “This is why I love Brian Williams

  1. I love him too because of how funny he can be. He was even funny on an episode of Sesame Street-I enjoyed that episode more than my boys, lol. And he’s very handsome. My hubby doesn’t quite get the attraction but I totally dig him.


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