Dear SMASH: Okay. I’ll bite.

Usually the show that gets this much hype is the one doomed for failure.


At first, I was very hesitant to give you a chance. NBC gave you a lot of hype. Like, A LOT of hype. The link to the Superbowl was slightly understandable, but also stupid. Premiers the Monday after the Superbowl. Okay. I guess that’s a clever way to put it on a timeline. However, it has absolutely nothing to do with the Superbowl, so it annoyed me. But that’s NBC’s fault. Not yours. You were also available on Hulu for awhile before the premiere. That one I get. You were putting yourself out there to try and build up a good word of mouth. Kudos.

I still had my doubts, though.

All of the hype was pegging it as this big battle between Katharine McPhee and the blonde. Who will get the part?! Watch SMASH and find out! This made me angry for 2 reasons: 1) Katharine McPhee, you were good on American Idol and everything. You have a pretty voice, but you are not the amazing and undeniable talent that you are painted to be in the teasers. The blonde would get it over you in a heartbeat in the real world, no contest. Sorry. 2) Theater casting moves quickly, and there was no way that the “who will they cast” story line could be dragged out that much. Where could you go from there? Because from the previews, that’s all there was.

I had no intention of watching you. But…the Tuesday morning after the Superbowl was slow for me at work. I had just finished all of the Doctor Who episodes that are streaming on Netflix (shut up, Doctor Who is cool) and none of my go-to, slightly-illegal streaming websites were cooperating with me. So I went to Hulu, and there you were. I figured I’d give you a try. The worst that would happen is that I would waste 45 minutes of what was going to be a boring morning anyway. And what I found was this: I loved everything about you… except Katharine McPhee. I loved the music. I loved Debra Messing. Anjelica Houston is fabulous in every sense of the word. I even liked Jack Davenport being a jack ass (though to me he will always be Steve from Coupling–another awesome British show. The Brits really do it up right). Again, Katharine McPhee is talented, I’m not trying to be a hater. I like her, but I just didn’t buy why everyone was so awestruck by her singing an old Christina Aguilera song.

I gave you another chance, and I was pleasantly surprised. You actually picked a Marilyn, and it was the right one! Congratulations. And Anjelica Houston is awesome at throwing drinks in guys’ faces. That has literally been one of my favorite things. Then came the third episode. If I wasn’t already madly in love with the Hubbster, I would want to track down Katharine McPhee’s boyfriend. You are an awesome boyfriend, and I hope that she doesn’t do something to screw things up with you. I’m worried that’s where it’s heading. You’re too perfect. Hmm. And this morning I watched the 4th episode. You got me, Smash. I bit. I’m hooked.

I’m sorry that your ratings are apparently falling. I hope that changes, because it would be really rude of you to make me love you and then disappear along with other great cancellation heartbreaks. Sports Night. Arrested Development. Studio 60. Pushing Daisies.

Don’t do it, NBC. If you do, you’ll have me to answer to. I don’t have a Nielsen box in my living room, so I hope this serves as an official record that I’m watching SMASH. Keep it comin’.




8 thoughts on “Dear SMASH: Okay. I’ll bite.

  1. I haven’t seen SMASH yet, but this post makes me think I should plan not to bother starting to watch a show until it’s been running for a season or two.

    Then again, if everyone does that, they wouldn’t have any eyeballs to get their ratings from and wouldn’t know whether or not to keep the show on the air. ::sigh::


  2. I noticed two Aaron Sorkin shows that have broken your heart. Yep, they broke mine too – especially Studio 60, which was amazing. I started watching that AFTER it got cancelled, so it was like watching Titanic because you knew it wasn’t going to last.


  3. i’m usually wary of things surrounded by so much hype, but i’ve been watching smash since the beginning and i think it’s really good! it’s not as one dimensional as the teasers made it out to be, with the 2 girls battling for the part. there are actually a bunch of other story lines going on at once, plus there’s dancing and singing, which is super fun but not in a cheesy way. i’m really looking forward to finding out what develops with a few of the story lines, and so it’s now a show that i plan my evening around (no pvr yet) which doesn’t happen that often! i highly recommend it!


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