Coffee of the Day

grande skim cappuccino

Mmmmmmm. It doesn’t have anything written on it. Cassandra is just so awesome that she asked what I wanted, grabbed a cup, made it and handed it to me. That’s love. They had a new guy training. I’m pretty sure it was his first day, because 1) he was really enthusiastic and 2) he couldn’t remember a caramel macchiato 5 seconds after someone said it. Poor guy.

On the bright side of life, I slept really well last night. And tonight I have kickboxing, so I am an extra happy camper! I don’t know if any of you have ever taken a cardio kickboxing class, but it is awesome. Especially with my particular instructor. She molds my body like clay and I worship her for it. I couldn’t go much (or basically at all) the past 2 months because of the show. But Ally and I went last Thursday, and we are going tonight. I am sooo stoked! I really need her to kick my ass, because on Sunday I ate about 15 Mint Meltaways from the Fannie May Valentine’s box the Hubbster got me. And over the past 2 days I think I’ve eaten about 10 oatmeal cookies. That may be a conservative estimate… Yep, I’m really glad I’m going to kickboxing tonight.

Can we also take another second to marvel at my cappucino? That foam is perfect.

Look at that. It's like looking at the Grand Canyon, only you get to drink it. So it's better than the Grand Canyon in my opinion.




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