Dear Hubbster (Part Deux)

Dear Hubbster,

You let me sleep really late yesterday. Thanks for that. Though it meant that inevitably, I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep last night. Damn the sleep gods. So I was lying there in a post-Oscar frenzy (eh, it wasn’t really an Oscar frenzy. It was more like I stupidly watched the whole thing even though it wasn’t very funny or entertaining, I passed my 10:30 now or never point, got my second wind, and was just awake kind of frenzy).. sorry, I got lost in my own parenthetical. Where was I? Oh yeah. Lying awake in a non-Oscar driven frenzy, I thought about why I couldn’t sleep. Maybe it was the sleeping late. Or the 2:00 vanilla latte. Or maybe when I came home and spooned with you on Edna (the couch) while you were watching golf, I actually did drift off for a bit. I said I wasn’t asleep, but it’s entirely possible that I was. It’s also possible that I drooled on your shirt. Sorry, it happens when I nap. For better or for drooling, baby.

So I’m in bed contemplating the possibility of my unintentional nap time, and thinking about how nice it was. You were just watching some golf tournament and letting me lay on your arm while you held me and scratched my back and kissed me on the forehead, and didn’t care that I was drooling on you. It was lovely. As long as we have afternoons like that, I think our marriage is in pretty good shape, don’t you?

Then I thought of approximately 50 more reasons why I love you. Here’s a few of them (picking up from my original list):

15. When we first started dating, you let me dye your hair a dark blue/black color. You never should have let me do that.

16. When we are outside and people are running past us, you say “I hate running.” Bless you.

17. The way you say “Hey baaaaaaby” when you’re asking for a back rub.

18. If you haven’t seen me all day, you get really excited when I get home. Like really excited. It’s adorable.

19. You are almost as sarcastic as I am. When I made dinner last night, you ate it really quickly. When I said “That was yummy!” you replied with “Eh. I didn’t like it.”

20. One of the last times I was on the skinny side of my 5-7ish lb weight fluctuation, I said “Look, that little roll in the front of my stomach is going away!” You said “Aw. But I like the little roll. It was so cute.”

21. Whenever you’re going out of town–even if it’s for 2 weeks–you try to convince me that it will go by like the length of a cup of coffee. And I believe you.

22. Even when my cooking experiments don’t taste good (or when the chocolate chip cookies ended up super dry last week–I blame the oven) you eat them anyway.

23. You didn’t hesitate to let me take Emma to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I did it on the cheap, but it still wasn’t cheap. You said it was worth it.

24. I put my arm around you to spoon when I came to bed last night. You grabbed my hand.

25. We went to Disney World for our honeymoon, because I had never been. This was the only picture we took:

Those ice creams were soooo good. That's why I have the crazy eyes. I want one. Now, please. Let's go back 🙂

5 thoughts on “Dear Hubbster (Part Deux)

  1. #22 could fit for me too. I sometimes make some crappy food and the hubby will still eat it, he may not go back for seconds but he’ll it at least one serving and try not to say anything bad. Well until I give the go ahead to diss it.


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