Happy Place: Eastern Market

This is just one of the many aisles of tents full of everything you could ever want.

When I was an intern, my housemates and I would go to Eastern Market at least once every weekend. It’s an indoor/outdoor market that is filled with crafts, fresh produce, artwork, vintage clothing, furniture, jewelry, flowers, and every kind of protein you could possibly want to cook. It was beautiful out today, so Ally and I decided to be European (as the Hubbster described it) and go find what we wanted to cook for dinner. The first stop was for coffee, naturally. Because even though it was already 1pm, neither of us had been up for that long, let alone had time for coffee. I went classic and iced, in the form of a particularly yummy vanilla latte. Coffee: check.

grande iced vanilla latte

Then we just started wandering around the area full of furniture and clothes, where we were forced to get kettle korn because it just smelled too good.

And because it's called Big Poppa. It just cracks my shit.

I was also forced to purchase a hat. I don’t know if I’ve talked about this before, but I LOVE hats. I have too many, according to the Hubbster. But I don’t care because I look adorable in them.

See? Too cute not to purchase.

Then we went to the indoor area, because that’s where all of the meat vendors are. Also a gazillion other types of food vendors. Seafood, beef, pork, chicken, cheese, cupcakes, veggies, flowers, breads, fresh pasta…. It’s really quite heavenly. Take a peek.

Ally got some seafood ravioli that looked super yummy, but I wasn’t really feeling pasta. I got a nice piece of salmon that I baked with some lemon, butter, salt, pepper and parsley. I also whipped up some risotto to go with it (just some garlic, lemon and parmesan cheese). It was a ‘cooking without recipes’ kind of night, and it was delicious. So delicious that I forgot to take a picture of it in my excitement. Sorry. It was yummy though!!!

Our last stop was outside by the apple stands. I was just going to grab a few samples, but the pink lady apples were soooo good, so I got a few. I love a good apple. Maybe I’ll have one for dessert.

Pretty pretty apples. And good lighting, too!

I don’t care how long I live here, every time I walk past the Capitol I get chills. It will never get old.

I hope you all had a good Sunday, too!

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