Coffee of the Day

grande java chip frappuccino w/skim milk

Nothing says spring like a Frappuccino. In February. I don’t like ordering them because they are super annoying to make, and I feel bad making them do something that I hated with a passion when I worked there. But alas, it’s what I wanted, and I’m paying for it, so I got one. Tip: Always specify your milk. The default for frappuccinos is whole milk. Seriously. So do yourself a favor, and at least ask for 2% if you don’t want to have a heart attack.

I have a friend who drinks straight whole milk. I don’t understand. First off, it’s like a bazillion calories (though he’s a swimmer, so he has a high metabolism). And it’s so thick. I’d rather just drink a milkshake than have to chew my milk. Alright, you don’t have to “chew” whole milk, but it is really thick. I have the same thickness issue with Guinness. I have yet to drink an Irish car bomb, which is kind of sad, but I deal with it.

I decided this morning that I need to return that pillow. The weight of my head isn’t enough to squish any of the foam, so I basically feel like I’m sleeping on a rock. A contoured, low-lying rock. Luckily I was extra tired last night from my lack of sleep on Tuesday, so I fell asleep anyway.


7 thoughts on “Coffee of the Day

  1. Irish Car Bombs are dangerous….ahem. But on that note have you tried Guinness Black Lager? It’s supposed to be lighter and smoother, less chewy.


  2. Maybe try a feather down pillow? I like them because they’re squishy and can be “shaped” do my head and neck.

    I know nothing about coffee-making beyond my french press at home, but I’ve been enjoying your blog. Keep it coming!


  3. My fave is the Mocha Lite Frappucino. I think when I order it that way it comes with skim milk, I think. I haven’t had one in forever though so this makes me crave one lol.


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