Coffee of the Day

quad espresso con panna w/white mocha

So, I was planning on being awesome last night and going to cardio kickboxing with Ally. But we haven’t been in awhile (don’t judge, I had rehearsals whenever there was class!) and it was canceled because our instructor (who is a body-shaping goddess) was out of town and we didn’t know. But instead of being committed to excellence and going to the gym in our apartment complex once we could not cardio kickbox our way to abs of steel, we went to see The Vow. And got candy at the movie theater. And made cookies.


Then we watched Drive Me Crazy and stayed up way too late for a work night (ergo the 4 shots of espresso that I basically inhaled. Sometimes I think it would just be faster to get an IV). You know what I occasionally forget? How awesome the 90s were. The ill-fitting pants, the overuse of lip liner, the butterfly clips, the Doc Martens with the super chunky heels, the tiny backpacks, the Barenaked Ladies, crop tops, my personal love of JTT and Hanson… I could go on. I won’t, though. I think I have put enough ideas into your head for a fairly lengthy daydream. But if you need more fuel, click here. Aaaaaaand go.

p.s. The Vow sucked. I wanted to punch Rachel McAdams. And I love her, so that’s saying a lot.


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