Guilty Pleasure Movie: “Because I Said So”

This is my go-to for some Grade-A girly crap

I love this movie. I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Well, I’m a little ashamed. Was it really in theaters? I don’t remember it being in theaters. I just remember grabbing it out of a used DVD pile at Blockbuster because it had Mandy Moore in it. But that was forever ago; I was just a little sprout who could be easily swayed by recognizing someone on the box. Hm….. Was it that long ago? Shit, I just looked it up. This movie came out in 2007. Now I’m embarrassed. I was fairly positive that I’ve had this movie for like a decade and bought it in a 15-year-old desire to be a pop star, and my attachment was purely nostalgic. Nope. If it came out in 2007, I probably bought it in 2008, which means I was 20. Or 21. Eek. That’s a bit mortifying.

Nope. I’ve decided I don’t care. This movie is awesome. Why, you ask?

1) Diane Keaton. Try to deny that she is fantastic. She is a world class comedienne, and as my favorite New Girl says, she rocks a lot of polka dots. Seriously, her wardrobe is an awesome mixture of neck scarves, full skirts, polka dots and chunky jewelry. If I’m going to be perfectly honest, it’s probably how I will dress when I’m her age. She also reminds me of my mom. I’ve thought this ever since I saw Father of the Bride. But that’s not a guilty pleasure movie, that’s just good any way you slice it. What other movie can make grown adult men cry at the drop of a hat? (i.e. my dad and uncle)

2) Buster from Arrested Development plays a hilariously neurotic side character. He doesn’t really add anything to the plot line, but he continually makes me laugh. He should only play hilariously neurotic people. Speaking of which, when is that Arrested Development movie coming out? I need more Bluth in my life!

4) While Mandy Moore isn’t the greatest actress in the world, she does have a few good moments. One of them being a scene that’s just a couple notches short of Meg Ryan’s infamous diner orgasm. Similar material, smaller audience.

3) Lauren Graham. I may or may not have all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls and worship Lauren Graham. She is super talented. She is also great in Parenthood (first 2 seasons streaming on Netflix if you haven’t seen it!)

5) I love Mandy Moore’s apartment. Specifically her kitchen. It’s just so open and industrial, yet homey. I want a kitchen like that.

6) Diane Keaton gets a cake in the face. A few, actually… Seriously, world class comedienne.

7) It has cheesy and completely unnecessary musical numbers. Not like full on dance-sequence narrating-the-plot musical numbers, but there is singing.

See what I mean about all the polka dots?

8) The little kid (who is adorable) tells one of my favorite jokes ever (You’re driving a bus….yada yada yada, lots of distracting questions, blah blah blah, what color are the bus driver’s eyes? Quality).

9) The Dad from 7th Heaven (Hello, Reverend Camden!) plays the forgetful rock ‘n roll dad of one of Mandy Moore’s love interests.  Did I not mention there are 2 love interests? Intriguing, no? She has to choose between 2 guys! The suspense killed me! Alright, it didn’t kill me, and it wasn’t even that suspenseful. But still. Intrigue.

10) Johnny. Just look at him. He is the sweet and adorable guy who every cheesy movie protagonist should end up with.

Cue the uplifting pop song.

Is this movie award worthy? No. Does it have a happy ending? Yes. Can I put this on while I vacuum or paint my nails and thoroughly enjoy myself in a polka-dot world for an hour and a half? Yes. In fact, I may do that tonight while the Hubbster is away 🙂


6 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure Movie: “Because I Said So”

  1. I also love that the other love interest guy was the dude from “That Thing You Do!” which was a pretty awesome flick – even though he plays kind of a jerk in this movie.
    And Diane Keaton totally reminds me of my mom too! Esp. in this movie – the clothes! That’s like, my mom’s style to a T.


  2. I LOVE THAT MOVIE! I was embarrassed to admit it but you inspired me. I always watch it when it’s on tv and it makes me happy. I love when they’re getting massages and Diane Keaton rocks the granny panties! (I also love That Thing You Do! Even though it’s really about nothing…)


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