I (still) <3 My Bangs

I must say, I am OBSESSED!

I originally titled this post: “What’s better than an awesome haircut? Well, a few things, but not many” but the Hubbster said it was too long. Oh well. I do still ❀ my bangs. A lot. They are the perfect length and fullness.

I just got my hair cut/colored, and I must say, it is quite exceptional. After roughly 8 months of her cutting my hair, I’ve finally let Floriza go nuts with my color. Usually I will grab a semi-permanent box at Rite-Aid whenever it is getting too close to my natural color for my liking (it is this weird in-between-ashy-brown-blonde that I haven’t let run wild since I started coloring it at 15). But I felt like having someone else do it rather than pull the same box shade that will fade out in a month and put me right back here.

We discussed the color for about ten minutes. And I think most girls out there will agree that it’s important to have an in-depth discussion with your stylist about what you want, because sometimes what you think you say and what you actually say are two very different things. I used to get really nervous when describing what I wanted, thinking that I was talking about it too much. False. The more info you give them, the better. Guys, this applies to you, too. I know that you keep it shorter and it grows quickly, but if you don’t accurately describe what you want it to look like, you could walk out of Sport Clips (ew) with a bowl cut a la 1992 (double ew). So heed my warning.

In conclusion, I am obsessed with my freshly cut/colored hair. I hope you all like it, too πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “I (still) <3 My Bangs

  1. I’ve never walked out of a hair cutty place and been happy with what I got. I talked, brought photos, drawings, diagrams… none of it worked. That’s why I rock the buzz cut. I Just ell people it brings out my eyes. Yours seems to work though, you’re looking good!


      1. I rock the buzz pretty solidly and have an excellent fedora collection so I’m not lacking in style. Don’t be said.


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