Coffee of the Day

solo espresso con panna

After getting my hair done, I felt like I needed a little jolt. So I popped by Starbucks on my way home, which just happens to be the location I used to work at, and one of my favorite ex-co-workers was there! I love it when I get to chat with her. She’s so sweet. She wrote a heart on my cup (and didn’t charge me. It really pays to know your barista).

The best part about this drink is when you’ve drank most of the liquid but the whip is still cold on top. At that point I like to take the lid off and swirl my finger around in the whipped cream. It basically turns it into espresso-flavored whipped cream, and it’s heavenly. I don’t even care that I look stupid licking it off my finger  and tilting the cup to get the last little bit out 🙂


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